Cecil Wiste Fence, LLC

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ROC 164501-K05

About Us

Cecil Wiste has over 30 years of experience in building custom fence.  Following in his father's foot steps he has kept the family tradition going since he had the ability to hold a pair of pliers.  Self-motivated and hardworking he has sustained an honorable relationship with his clients throughout his career and continues to do so with each passing year. 

Working side by side with his loyal crew, Cecil maintains a respected and admirable relationship with his employees.  This comradery is reflected in the work preformed and brings a sense of quality to each job.



A man of strength, stability and of strong mind,
He walks through, over and across the rough but beautiful Arizona countryside

Looking the country over and debating where to place his masterpiece.

A masterpiece of the same description as the man.

A piece of art that determines it's own importance,
A piece that speaks to the people in a way that cannot be explained,

A piece that is scarcely recognized by many.
Art that rolls over the hills, mountains and across
the plains.

What is this masterpiece?

Though many people can define it quickly,
nly the artist knows it's true definition and beauty.
The work put into each staple and stretch,
The long hours put into accomplish the final product.

When working on the piece the artist and the product become one,

They understand each other.
Each piece the artist creates and builds are different in sight
ut distinctly built of the same character and ability.

Who is this artist?  What is this product?

Nobody really knows.
But they can work to understand the meaning of the two.
The simple unrecognized fence and fence builder.

Written by: Heather Wiste, Daughter
January 18, 1989

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